An Organization Lowering the Impact of Fast Fashion!

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Sustainable Swaps is an organization like a flea market, with a focus on Sustainability

Taken by Claire Lee

Our immersive clothing swaps take garments we no longer have a use for, and swap it to promote reusing textiles and a great way to create a community in the Fashion World.

Our events are growing and there are many more to come! You can expect live music, free drinks, several creative collectives, and so many clothes!

What is Fast Fashion?

Clothing Companies that prioritize speed/quantity over quality

SHEIN made $30 billion in 2022 alone with over 2,000 new pieces added daily

Social Media has rapidly accelerated trend cycles

How is it Impacting our Earth?

Textile dyes are the second largest water polluter today

700 gallons of water to produce one shirt

A lot of energy used to create synthetic fabrics

Often sourced from fossil fuels

Poor working conditions

Outsourced to countries with less regulated working laws, and dangerous factories

Our Long-Term Objective

Our goal is to repurpose worn clothing and develop a community market in the east coast areas so that we don’t have to discard used materials but can instead find a new home for them. By incrementally expanding these events, we can better inform our audience, encourage second-hand buying/trading, and lessen the impact fast fashion has on our environment.

Taken by Claire Lee


Can I bring items to trade at events?

Absolutely!! You are encouraged to bring clothing/small items (e.g. jewelry, accessories, etc.) that you do not want any more in a bag/duffle and a sheet that you can set your items on! It’s first come first serve at every event so if you want a larger space show up earlier rather than later.

Do we have to bring clothing to the swap to buy items?

You do not! While we do encourage bringing items for swapping over purchasing in hopes of sustainability, you are more than welcome to come to just shop around! Each seller will price their own items individually.