About Us

An Organization Focused on Lowering the Impact of Fast Fashion!

Taken by Maya Seri

Our Mission

The average person throws away 80 pounds worth of fabric each year, and with fast fashion becoming more and more common it is imperative that we shift towards more ethical consumption!

Sustainable Swaps’ goal is to give different communities a place to find second-hand clothing sustainably, as well as give your old clothing one more chance to find a new person to love them! Each item of clothing has so much history we hope to continue the cycle.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!!

Our Goal in the Future

Our mission is to repurpose used clothing and create a market where we do not have to throw away used fabrics, but simply find a new home for them. Through these events, we can continue to educate our audience, encourage second-hand shopping, and push our audience further encourage shopping second-hand, to lower their environmental impact.

We hope to see people move away from purchasing from these big corporate brands like SHEIN, Zara, etc. Hopefully, if people see how easy it is to find clothing cheaply, they won’t have a need to buy from these large chains.

Taken by Claire Lee