About Us

Meet Mireya Zellner

____Hi, My name is Mireya Zellner and I am the founder and creator of Sustainable Swaps! I am a 21-year-old Senior at Emerson College, and I started this endeavor in 2021. During my Sophomore year at Emerson, I was looking at my closet and suddenly became aware that I had way too many clothes that I never wore, yet I was bored with everything I had. I did not have any money to shop and I really did not want to add more items to the landfill. A good friend of mine gave me the idea to host a little clothing swap/flea market for our friends in the Boston Common. The idea intrigued me, so, I made a flyer on Word Document and posted it on all of my social media. That was the beginning of Sustainable Swaps. The first event had about 10-15 people, but little in size, and big in heart. The energy was high, we listened to music on my little speaker and it was a lovely little day in the park. Since then, we have had events much larger and more professional, but in my opinion, that was one of my favorite swaps. My friend Joe described our events as “A decentralized gathering of homies on picnic blankets, swapping clothing and saving the environment.” This is the heart of Sustainable Swaps.

____Throughout the past two years, I have met so many unique and creative individuals that have opened my mind to different fashions and different forms of expression. Being passionate about both fashion and sustainability, this community is perfect for young adults such as myself. This is the time for the Gen-Z and younger generations to step up and work on lowering our carbon footprint in any way that we can. I hope to have created an environment where people are more focused on re-using second-hand clothing rather than shopping at big brands. Swapping clothing is the focus, but the community that has developed at the swap is easily the highlight of the day. I hope that with this concept, I can continue to grow Sustainable Swaps as a company and reach as many people as possible.

____Finally, I want to say that although I am technically the “creator” of Sustainable Swaps, I would have absolutely nothing without the community that it has created. Sustainable Swaps is all about the people. If there is nobody to swap clothing with, what is the point? I have had so much support from my amazing vendors, my friends, the bands, graphic designers, and everyone that shows up to these events. The heart of Sustainable Swaps is you guys. If you are reading this, that means that you are a part of the reason Sustainable Swaps can continue to thrive. Thank you for keeping this idea flourishing.